About Vault Life Apparel

Toccara Nicole, Founder of Vault Life Apparel, enjoys using her creative side to share with the world. This brand was created based on her love for fashion, catchy, meaningful phrases, and to simple stand out. A vault is meant to house the treasures within us. And to…”Live a life on purpose, for purpose,” as Toccara Nicole often quotes, allowed for her to birth a fun way of expressing and owning who you are. So here we are! 
What is Vault Life Apparel:
Vault Life Apparel is for the everyday woman and man. It is for those who love to be bold and different. It is for those who love to make a statement. We were are created differently and through this brand, Toccara Nicole desires to bring flavor with a twist of purpose. Own who you are! There is no one like you, period! #LiveOnPurpose